Free Download Time Thru Oct 27th


In honor of the Oct 26th Driving campaign in Saudi Arabia hashtagged #Iwilldrivemyself, I am offering my eBook ‘Rise Up and Glow’  at no cost through Oct 27th. It is a snippet of my personal story facing gender discrimination after driving for a Saudi Princess and being terminated by a Saudi Prince in the USA because I am a female driver.

Happy downloading!

Click the Smashwords link below, Click “BUY” and enter coupon code EV36T to choose your format of a e-copy.

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Gala is Dead! 4 Saudi Princesses Need Help to Escape the Same Fate

What can anyone do? Gala is dead. The date trees in which Sahar and Jawaher would be able to eat from have been ordered to be cut by their father King Abdullah and his sons. What world leader is allowed to get away with these atrocities while the international community remains largely silent? Only the Al Sauds. Please follow #freethe4 and use your voice to help these grown women. Time is running out for them. I have done everything I can think of for three months, yet these women have been held against their will for 13 years!!