Planting an olla


A crazy lady, a shovel, and ollas

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I’d like all my friends to see this image. Right now I’m just a crazy lady with a shovel … but if I’m right, and if I stick with this … in ten years this is the photo I’ll be pointing to, and saying, that’s where it started.


In ten years, I hope that from the vantage point of this photo (above) to the left and right will extend a windbreak six hundred feet long. And behind where I’m standing, will be a food forest a couple of hundred feet in diameter. We’ll see. It depends on me, and of course, on having enough water.

What the photo is of, is an olla buried in the center of the rudiments of a berm n basin. An olla is a clay pot shaped like a sphere with a short cylinder on top. It’s hollow of course, and you bury it to…

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King Abdullah’s FOUR Daughters on Lock Down! #FreeThe4

Two days ago, I found out King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has four grown daughters he is holding on compound lockdown in Jeddah for the past 13 years!
I have written a letter to King Abdullah in hopes he would to listen to my words about the gender discrimination I faced in 2010. I lost my source of income from being a professional woman driver at the will and direction of his his 1/2 brother, Sudairy Seven, Prince Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, former deputy defense minister and octogenarian!

I also wrote an open letter to President Obama. Neither men have ever responded to me, although I take every opportunity to try to explain my situation to them and the world. The ban on women driving has caused me to lose my employment because I am a female, despite the fact gender discrimination is illegal in the USA.

Why would King Abdullah listen to me if he can’t hear the cries of his own daughters for freedom?

Inshallah..By GOD!!…these four women will be released to live  full, abundant and beautiful lives. This is your legacy King Abdullah. This is how the world will write your history. Let your daughters write their own futures as you would and do your sons.

I drove for 6 weeks in the United States for your son, Khaled’s wife, Princess Noura. I know goodness and sweetness from Saudi Royalty because of her. When I am feeling bad about a story I read or an injustice, I think of her smile and kindness in her eyes. I remember being handed a gold guinea from her mother, your FULL sister, Princess Sita,( rest in peace.) I sat at tables with your family and felt warmth and goodness from them.  Your daughters Jawaher, Sahar, Maha, and Hala are not removed from this goodness.

I know what it feels like to be ignored and marginalized! I will do everything I can to help even if it just tweeting ,blogging and posting on Facebook until a proper outcome is reached.

The Embassy responded about the #FREETHE4 saying “This is a private matter”

Human rights abuses and civil rights abuses are not private matters.

King Abdullah is revered in his country as a ‘reformer’. His “private” actions regarding these four beautiful women lead me to believe I have been wrong about his character and intentions for true reform. The only thing that will change my mind now is to know these women are free to live the rest of their lives with dignity and freedom. This story has affected me very much and I will remain in contact and in solidarity with this family.
King Abdullah, your legacy is now rested in the fate of your four beautiful daughters.

Sahar, one of the daughters, is in contact with me via Twitter.



and their mother’s Twitter account is


Sahar’s messages are very strong and they are holding strong in their unity. I send solidarity to their mother, Alanoud Alfayez in London and to each sister!
Hala (39) and Maha(41) are apparently being held in another compound incommunicado. It is now up to the it is up to the the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene if what I read is correct.

OHCHR!!! Please let them be free to live a decent life.
My Saudi Sisters in Solidarity!!
Stay Vigilant Stay Strong!


-Gretchen Cooper-

#FreeThe4 The confinement of four Saudi princesses



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The confinement of four Saudi princesses is a reminder that the Gulf states are evil empires, especially if you are a woman

Article in the Independent
by Yasmin alibhai-brown @y_alibhai

A story appeared this weekend which has really shaken me up. It was about four Arab princesses – Sahar, 42, Jawaher, 38, Maha, 41, and Hala, 39 – daughters of the ailing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who have, allegedly, been held under palace arrest, for 13 years. He has given his sons control over the captives. They are allowed no visitors or staff. Two are held in one gilded, echoing cage, the other two in another. Their mother Alanoud Alfayez, 57, lives in London and has been trying all these years to free her daughters who are unmarried, childless and fading away. Hala has serious mental problems. Two of the sisters contacted the British-Lebanese Sunday Times writer, Hala Jaber…

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Letter from Alanoud Alfayez


King Abduallah of Saudi Arabia apparently is holding his 4 daughters against their will for 13 years.

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Years have gone by, and my four daughters, Sahar, Maha, Hala, & Jawaher are still held against their will, confined in heavily guarded villas, suffering psychological and physical abuse. with no hope for salvation. They’ve been held captive in Saudi Arabia for more than 12 years by their father King Abdullah and their half-brothers Minister of  the Saudi National Guard Mitab and Deputy Foreign Minister AbdulAziz, while all their half-sisters and half-brothers enjoy their rights and unfettered freedom. The anguish of a mother having to hear her own children suffering in agony day after day, without being able to be with them nor ease their suffering is far too great to bear.

What crimes have my daughters committed to deserve torture…

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Creator of ‘Rise Up and Glow’ Declares World Peace

Creator of 'Rise Up and Glow' Declares World Peace

Gretchen Cooper is the creator of Rise Up and Glow and Rise Up and Glow Radio on Blog Talk Radio :D We highlight inspirational people in the conscious living communities, raw food world, and personal growth and achievement fields with a spiritual reverence for life.
We connect you with the world by sharing web links, personal stories, art, music, ideas and more!
Let your luminary vision be seen and heard via various social media platforms and broadcast internet radio by connecting with us.
This is my labor of love for humanity and myself. I love to share that which inspires me to do and live more efficiently while bringing beauty to the eyes and warmth to the soul.
-Gretchen Cooper-
I Declare World Peace

Happy World Water Day 3-22-14

Happy World Water Day 3-22-14

The book ‘A Long Walk to Water’ authored by Linda Sue Park is a highly recommended read about Salva’s life and journey from Lost Boy of Sudan to International and Regional HERO from his dedication to bring water from the earth to his people.
I actually wrote an ebook titled Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot, an Ebook by G.E. Cooper in dedication to the life work of Salva Dut and his drilling teams. I recently found out Stillwater Junior High School H2O For Life – from Stillwater, Minnesota host annual fundraisers for the cause. They raised over $50,000 to help drill wells!!
Salva’s story has impacted my life since first learning about his life. My friend, Danielle Betts first told me about WFSS and Salva’s story. It has changed me from an observer into a visionary with goals to achieve. One of my goals now is to travel to South Sudan to assist in drilling a water well!  Great work! Happy Drilling!!

Rise Up and Glow Radio

Rise Up and Glow Radio

Yea!! I am stepping closer and closer to getting an office/studio set up for our Rise Up and Glow internet radio show. I am totally looking forward to speaking with some of the brightest hearts and minds on the planet!
I have interests in speaking with experts in the fields of RAW FOOD, mind science, unified field theory, astrophysics, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, subtle energetic bodies, healing modalities, vibrational frequencies, DNA music, CYMATICS, ..and MORE.
I am hoping to be able to produce one hour show per week on Blog Talk Radio and take live callers with questions and comments.
Rise Up and Glow was formed on virtually nothing but a string of ideas coupled with meeting some really awesome people.
These people are very special indeed!
Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer of the Powermind System, Stuart Mitchell of Stuart Mitchell Music, Joe Bill Schritzinger , Melissa Sims, and most recently Shivanand Pandeya

Sponsors and advertising spots are always open and available! Our website is currently under construction by me and my wrecking ball! Contact me if you have ideas or want to pencil yourself into our radio show schedule for a recorded interview via Blog Talk Radio or Skype.

Thanks to Ka Gold Jewelry, Louie Rochon Photography and the recent happy surprise donations to help me continue to build our network. I am grateful!
Thank you!!


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deep silence1

There is a space
where life does not go
an empty space that is
full of nothingness.

When I pass into this
space it consumes
me with its emptiness
fills me with nothingness
until I no longer am
wanting so much
to return to me
but rather seek
beyond to merge
with our Creator.

It is here that I
am alive and at peace.

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