Long Walk to Water (Book Review)

Construction of a New Well

Image by Water for South Sudan via Flickr

I loved reading this book written by Linda Sue Park. It is written in a very simple form. It is a perfect read for young readers. I devoured this book in around an hour, so it would be a great book to take on a trip, or flight. If you are a teacher  young students, it is perfect for class discussions about survival, and humanitarian philanthropy.

I had previous background knowledge of the main character( Mr. Salva Dut of South Sudan). I wanted to read this book because I was so touched by his non-profit mission through www.waterforsouthsudan.org .

 A Long Walk to Water is based on his true life experiences in the civil war era of his native land. His personal story is inspiring and heartfelt. The story of a young girl who must search for water everyday to survive is also tied in to Salva’s story. The two stories, although spanned decades apart, come together under one basic need for survival. Water.

Salva’s story has taught me that selfless service to humanity is attainable, worthwhile, and the greatest gift we can give. He presents himself in such a humble and gentle way. I am so grateful to have found his story. It continues to touch my heart and change my life.

 His vision, definate chief aim, and moral responsibility make him a quiet hero in my view. His story is filled with of trauma, hardship, and unwavering faith. His future story continues to live in the hopes and dreams of all the lives he touches daily with his work and words.

Please check out the website. I am sure you will be touched and inspired to contribute to such a great cause. www.waterforsouthsudan.org

Thank you Salva and Water for South Sudan


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