Type 1 Civilization: Big Think

Cover of the limited edition EP

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 Levitation, floating homes, “livin on the grid”, magnetic frequencies, healing through light and sound, breatharian possibilities, infinite possibilities…

Maybe it’s time for people to just imagine a different world  so our collective consciousness can accept it and create it as reality. I much prefer a type 1 civilization for future generations than implosion.

Just once a day think a different thought. Think something bigger..think something better. Why not? It seems our survival on this planet depends on it.

We can be so limited in our thoughts and beliefs…It’s like that John Mayer song says” Waiting on the world to change” Why are we waiting? To have someone else tell us how its gonna be?

To keep going along with the system of what we are told to eat, buy, drive, wear, and think? Meanwhile pretending we have this great freedom that we must defend and die for? We are not free, but maybe we could be if we used our thoughts differently.Hmmmmmmmmm..just a thought.

The old will fall away, no need to fight or defend..that would only causes more of what we don’t want (poverty, war, disease, planetary destruction of natural resources and creatures ect)  I do believe we can co-create a beautiful future with cooperation and unity, but we have to make  a conscious effort to do so!  Anything is possible. Yeah..I’m a dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one!

Here’s a cool video with Michio Kaku from big think.


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