We Are All Related (Except Martin Van Buren)


 Many of you have already heard this story, but it is news for me, so I’m sharing. This young woman, who attended school in Watsonville, Ca (my old stomping grounds for a time), managed to trace the lineage of every American President( except Martin Van Buren) to King John “Lockland”  of England. Well, you can watch the video and check out her website if you want details. She was trying to raise money to get to the White House, but I don’t know that she made it there yet.

She seems like a super-sweet kid and did all of this research while in 7th grade! That part of the story is even more amazing to me than what she “discovered”.

She should get a free trip for just doing the work!

Here is a link to BridgeAnne d’Avignon’s website:


English: US Postage stamp: Martin Van Buren, I...

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4 thoughts on “We Are All Related (Except Martin Van Buren)

  1. I too, am related to “Presidents of the U.S.” and therefore also, to BridgeAnne.
    And yes, she had a great amount of assistance in the resources and from her Grandfather, that´s true.
    And it is still, without a doubt, one of the most interesting finds in modern geneology (I find) to date.. next to Ice Age Columbus… and the gravesite, of Jesus Christ´s genealogical wife and children.
    Hat´s off to d´Avingnon!

    • It is a fascinating discovery for sure. I became more interested when I read d’Avingnon was from the Monterey Bay area, in which I lived for a short time. She is an amazing young lady! Her story just goes to prove anything can be accomplished through focus and perserverance. I enjoyed reading about her story and felt I should share!

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