Quote of the Day by Naima Shae

Naima Shae is three years old.  She never ceases to amaze me in every way possible. She has a new baby sister, Gianna. She absolutely adores unicorns, music, and making people smile and laugh. These blog posts are as much for her as they are for you to enjoy. I am so inspired to be her mommy,  even though she calls me  “her best friend”.

Love you Naima  Shae!

Quote of the Day:

I heard Naima signing “Here Comes the Sun” do do do do…by the Beatles,  so I ask her  ” Where did you hear that song?”
She says to me  “Well, I read alot.”


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day by Naima Shae

  1. Beautiful! Amazing! I can’t wait till my own daughter (3 in November), who is also very precocious, starts talking enough to tell us things like that. Oh, and Naima is sooooo cute, too! And soooo happy-looking (the most important aspect to me).

    • I hope Naima appreciates me doing this when she is older! I hope to make coffee table book for her in the future out of these blog posts. Thanks for following us!

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