Letter to President Obama

September 15, 2011

Dear Mr. President:

In October 2010, I lost my job because of sex discrimination. Along with two other women and a large number of men, I had been hired to drive for a group of Saudi Arabian visitors staying in Rochester, Mninnesota. Just one day later, I was fired, as were the other two women, we were told “they don’t want women drivers.”

I have heard alot in the news lately about “being on the right side of history,” and I believe this to be a perfect example of  how you personally can stand for what is right. I ask you to engage in sincere dialogue with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia about the injustice that results from the ban on Saudi women driving, both in Saudi Arabia  and here in the U.S. I have confidence you will address this matter so it will serve as a platform for greater understanding about American civil rights. It is imperative these rights be respected by all who choose to live, work, or visit the United States of America. I believe no change will occur unless one by one we stand firm in our values and our rights.

We- the three women who came forward to challenge the wrongful terminations in Rochester- are convinced we too are “on the right side of history.” We see this as an opportunity to bring awareness to critical issues and to promote an understanding of cultures, religion, ethnicity, and gender through sincere and open dialogue.

If you are interested in reading more about our situation in Rochester, you can review news articles (http://o33e9e2.netsolhost.drupal/news) as well as my personal journal (www.worldpulse.com/user/1078/journal).

I thank you for your time, your willingness to contemplate this matter, and the service you do for the citizens of the United States of America.

In Gratitude,

Gretchen Cooper




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