One Year Blog Anniversary Update

Photo we took for sweetheart Lane Goodwin. RIP Lane

Photo we took for sweetheart Lane Goodwin. RIP Lane

Wow! I started my blog Fill the Pot on December 25, 2011. A year has gone by so quickly! Our new addition to the family arrived last March. She is an absolute joy!

Being a new mom again has seriously cut into my blogging time. I have become an expert at one fingered typing with squash on my shirt.

Everyday is a challenge!  I am raising a family and at the same time starting a business. My plate is full and I am so happy to be able to share my journey with you.

I have pushed onward finishing an ebook, started another, and recently decided to enter the Blog Talk Radio arena. Lounge Talk Radio will be on air very soon! We can’t wait for you to join us for a eclectic news, reviews and interviews!

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer will be joining us for weekly discussions on the Powermind System and Superconscious goal setting and achievement! We couldn’t be more thrilled or excited to start the new year with positive thoughts and concrete plans for personal growth~

We will be taking guest callers and are looking for new books, blogs, and ideas to ponder. Please feel free to contact us via the live show, or email. Please check out our new website, and check back often after the new year to listen to our radio show.

Best regards for each of you in the coming year, and thanks again for reading my blog!




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