The Jeff Daughtery Show: Tin Foil Princess Hat Episode

I have been listening to the Jeff Daughtery Show on a regular basis for a few months. I enjoy the time slot for the live shows (10-11pm central). If I miss an episode, I can always go back in the archives and catch up on the info, which is really nice.

I like tuning into the live versions because Jeff uses Twitter during the show. He will answer questions, tell jokes, mention people who support the show, which helps connect listeners with new followers. I have connected with really cool people all over the world just by tweeting or re-tweeting his show updates.

Last night at 8:30, Jeff announced he was hosting a contest to win an IAMNCK Create Yourself bracelet by making a tin foil hat and posting the photo to Twitter.

I ran out to my car, grabbed an unused transmission fluid funnel and got to work. My two little girls were excited to help me design and build the hat. We attempted duct taping crystals and stones, but only the Tiger Eye would stay put. We put flowers and three ceramic poodles from the old Woolworth’s store on our hat. Everyone comments on the can of Spam in the photo. I live near Austin, Minnesota which is the Spam capital of the world, so we had to add that for an extra giggle or two.We also had to include our beloved Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp in the photo. We named our creation the ‘Tin Foil Princess Hat’. 

My kids and I had so much fun during this particular live episode of the Jeff Daughtery Show. We posted the photo of my daughter wearing our hat, and several other people re-tweeted and shared our photo. The spontaneous contest taught me several things.

1. We always have what we need to create what we want.

2. Most people are good hearted and willing to share information freely to assist in the happiness and growth of others.

3. Fun does not need to be planned or orchestrated, especially for kids. 

4. There are plenty of people on the planet right now who resonate with peace, love, light and sound. We need not be fearful of speaking and sharing our personal truths. 

The Jeff Daughtery Show may not be for everyone, but like he says “Take what works for you, what you resonate with..and just leave the rest.” I think that is a great motto for life in general. I love the format of his show, and wish his team the best as he plans to take the show on tour! As of right now, they are planning to begin the journey at Coral Castle.

I think Ed Leedskalnin would approve!

Check out his website and follow The Jeff Daughtery Show on Twitter @nckabbalah


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