WeaveSilk Try it!

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Stuart Mitchell” stumbled upon” this link and shared it on Facebook. I was immediately drawn to the creative side of my right brain.I hit the spacebar and blasted off into my first masterpiece.

My 4 yr old asked if she could play, so I let her have the controls. I heard from the other room ” Mom, I’m gonna cry.”

“Why?” I asked

“Because I just drawed something sooooo beautiful” 

We collaborated on another drawing and agreed we should take a photo and share it on Facebook and Twitter. The photo you see above is from my daughter, Naima and myself. This program brought us closer together more than Fruit Ninja ever did, although we both love that game.

I have already seen artwork that is phenomenal on the Weave Silk Facebook page since joining today. Please try it out, let your children play and experiment with the controls. I am happy to share your masterpieces!

Love, Light, Peace and Sound to all of you!

 Have fun creating your reality through conscious design!

Gretchen xxxox




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