What is this?

My dad and his friend went fishing on private land (with permission of course) in the Ely area of northern Minnesota about 15 years ago. He found this 60 -65 lb rock and decided to bring it home. It has sat by the fireplace for several years until I recently asked him to tell me the story of how he found it.

He was stepping on a fallen tree limb and looked over the edge into the water. Apparently the water level was extremely low that year as compared to other years, otherwise the rock would have been buried under the water far from eyes to spot it.

Upon first sight, he thought it was the shell of a turtle, but soon realized it was a rock that had nestled its way into the sand. He dug it out and handed it over to his All-State Iowa lineman fishing buddy. His friend, Chris, carried it up a 30 degree incline while my dad carried the catches of the day, a few nice walleye and some 5 lb large mouth bass.

Chris decided he was exhausted and the two switched tasks.  1/4 of a mile back to the bear or deer trail which would eventually lead them back to the cabin, fresh bear shit was spotted.

My dad , being 15 years older than Chris, carried the 60 lb rock the rest of the way. He remembers saying to his friend after spotting the fresh bear shit…

“I could kill a bear with this rock, but you won’t have as much luck with that snack pack of  bear food. I think I’ll stick with carrying this rock.”

My dad recalled to me ” I have very fond memories of the fishing trip, but not so much of carrying this conversation piece 3/4 of a mile through the back woods.”

I picked up the rock so my mom could take photos of me with it. It is awkward and extremely dense for its size. I’m impressed Dad!

I hope after all of these years my blog post will lead us to someone who can tell us what in the hell it is, or where in the hell it came from.

Around our house we just call it Dad’s meteorite. rock 003 rock 006 rock 005


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