Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines and the Planetary Grid

2012 The Awakening

Check this out. If vibration is the behaviour of energy, and the universe is energetic in nature, the shouldn’t we see geometry (the signature of vibration) in the energy of the earth? Among these grids is the the Becker-Hagens planetary grid. The 12 points of this grid were plotted originally by Ivan Sanderson who identified areas on earth where anomalous activity frequently occurred, such as weird geomagnetic activity and marine and aircraft disappearances.

After discovering that there were 12 main areas that all of these activities seemed to be occurring (such as the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s triangle in Japan), he then noticed that they were also equidistant from one another. When you connect all of these points together with lines (called ley lines), you have a perfect icosahedron. Russian scientists Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov found that if you take this icosahedron and flip it inside out into the…

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