Set Yourself Free

Awesome Sloan!

Taming The Invisible Dragon™

soarAt our core, what we humans treasure most is our freedom. History has proved as much, time and time again. And, yet, how often do we allow ourselves to become enslaved by low self-esteem, the fear of failure, a sense of “obligation,” or, perhaps worst of all, memories of a past that no longer exists?

We might stay in unhealthy and unhappy relationships because, deep inside, there is a part of us that believes we are not worthy of something more. We can lament an unsatisfying and distressing career for years because we “need” the money and find it difficult to risk doing anything different. We may recall the past and use it as a marker of our abilities and self-worth because we fail to remember that we are different now; and the events of the past are no longer realities. They are but memories that have no more power…

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