Woman of Creation


My friend owns this sculpture by Charles Gagnon. She has always caught my eye and I couldn’t resist sharing her with the world. While I worked at the downtown Marriott in Rochester, Minnesota I was privileged to meet Charles and his wife, Arlyn.

I had talked with Charles on the phone a few years ago about The Woman of Creation. He told me she has a counterpart sculpture titled The Man of Creation. He was such a sweet man to take the time to chat with me and invited me out to the studio. Regretfully, I never got the chance to make that happen. Lesson learned.

I was saddened to read the news of Charles passing last year. His Peace Plaza sculpture is a water fountain and center piece for the city of Rochester. Many times on hot days my daughter would run around the fountain and splash in the water, usually attracting a few other kids to do the same.

Charles’ sculptures brings much beauty to the world and I am so honored to have met the Gagnons and hope to visit their home studio in the future.

I hope the two sculptures (Woman and Man of Creation) can reunite someday, if only to take a few photos for another blog!





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