“The Spiritual Shortbus” with Driver Joe Bill

I am going to be hosting a new segment “The Spiritual Shortbus” with Driver Joe Bill Schirtzinger!
I have been riding the Spiritual Shortbus for many many years and it is time for me to move forward with my spiritual evolution to upgrade my consciousness while I am in body and have the opportunity to do so!

Joe Bill will guide and assist me publicly on air through our sessions together. I honestly have no idea what to expect, but I am willing to be an example to show the types of spiritual modalities Joe Bill utilizes to assist with spiritual, personal transformations.

We love all types of people. We are each in our own stages of development. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. We choose to use humor to point out our need to upgrade the consciousness if we are to be accepting and loving toward ourselves and others.
“The Spiritual Shortbus” segments are about accepting ourselves as we are, seeing ourselves clearly, and being willing to recognize the need for personal and collective upgrades in our spiritual understandings while taking active steps to bring about the changes we want to experience in our lives.

It is going to get intense for me, especially allowing my personal transformations to be made public. I am willing to do it because I love being on the planet at this time. If my public journey on “The Spiritual Shortbus” helps one person I can say it was worth it!
Check out Joe Bill’s site to learn more about his work http://lifewisdomcorner.com/wordpress/2013/09/23/introducing-arcanum-mysticism-a-la-mode/

I will update when we are ready to begin our travels together on air!

Buckle up folks! It’s gonna be a fun ride


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