Thank You!

The campaign for Women to Drive popped up and surprised me this year. I was happy to see such positive news and videos being shared internationally.
Erin Byrne was touched by our story and wrote a song ‘Let My Mommy Drive’ in support and solidarity with the women who wish to drive in Saudi Arabia and for us.
‘Let My Mommy Drive’ is for all families affected by the ban on women driving.
Jayne Amelia Larson wrote the book ‘Driving The Saudis’ and is a must read in my opinion. Jayne is also the only woman driver out of an all male entourage, just like me!
Our stories are different in many ways, but also very similar in others.
I’d love to host Jayne on my show someday and discuss her book and compare our stories on air.

Thank you ladies!
Your HONKS were heard around the world!


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