Got Miswak?

Got Miswak?

Got Miswak?
It is a natural oral care product. It has amazing properties and I lOVE it!! You can buy it online.I recommend staying away from the flavored stuff. I like the all natural approach when possible!


5 thoughts on “Got Miswak?

    • Awesome! It really makes your teeth and mouth feel super clean. I wish I had found out about it earlier. Do you buy it somewhere? I’d like to find a natural source.I don’t like the flavored or processed stuff!

      • Yes they are, for my miswaks I usually go to my local Halaal store. You can google for one in your area, or just visit a local Islamic center. Another source is a great Islamic website, they have great deals such as a miswak holder (they have a tendency to get moldy, and the holder helps prevent that) that comes with three 6″ miswaks for $3.00.

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