Happy World Water Day 3-22-14

Happy World Water Day 3-22-14

The book ‘A Long Walk to Water’ authored by Linda Sue Park is a highly recommended read about Salva’s life and journey from Lost Boy of Sudan to International and Regional HERO from his dedication to bring water from the earth to his people.
I actually wrote an ebook titled Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot, an Ebook by G.E. Cooper in dedication to the life work of Salva Dut and his drilling teams. I recently found out Stillwater Junior High School H2O For Life – from Stillwater, Minnesota host annual fundraisers for the cause. They raised over $50,000 to help drill wells!!
Salva’s story has impacted my life since first learning about his life. My friend, Danielle Betts first told me about WFSS and Salva’s story. It has changed me from an observer into a visionary with goals to achieve. One of my goals now is to travel to South Sudan to assist in drilling a water well!  Great work! Happy Drilling!!


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