Rise Up and Glow Radio

Rise Up and Glow Radio

Yea!! I am stepping closer and closer to getting an office/studio set up for our Rise Up and Glow internet radio show. I am totally looking forward to speaking with some of the brightest hearts and minds on the planet!
I have interests in speaking with experts in the fields of RAW FOOD, mind science, unified field theory, astrophysics, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, subtle energetic bodies, healing modalities, vibrational frequencies, DNA music, CYMATICS, ..and MORE.
I am hoping to be able to produce one hour show per week on Blog Talk Radio and take live callers with questions and comments.
Rise Up and Glow was formed on virtually nothing but a string of ideas coupled with meeting some really awesome people.
These people are very special indeed!
Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer of the Powermind System, Stuart Mitchell of Stuart Mitchell Music, Joe Bill Schritzinger , Melissa Sims, and most recently Shivanand Pandeya

Sponsors and advertising spots are always open and available! Our website is currently under construction by me and my wrecking ball! Contact me if you have ideas or want to pencil yourself into our radio show schedule for a recorded interview via Blog Talk Radio or Skype.

Thanks to Ka Gold Jewelry, Louie Rochon Photography and the recent happy surprise donations to help me continue to build our network. I am grateful!
Thank you!!


3 thoughts on “Rise Up and Glow Radio

  1. Excellent, Gretchen! So happy to hear things are moving along so well for you. You have a wonderful radio voice, and your loving spirit emanates through the air waves. I believe this will be a fantastic investment of your time and valuable thought energy. Many Blessings and Best Wishes, S

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