King Abdullah’s FOUR Daughters on Lock Down! #FreeThe4

Two days ago, I found out King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has four grown daughters he is holding on compound lockdown in Jeddah for the past 13 years!
I have written a letter to King Abdullah in hopes he would to listen to my words about the gender discrimination I faced in 2010. I lost my source of income from being a professional woman driver at the will and direction of his his 1/2 brother, Sudairy Seven, Prince Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, former deputy defense minister and octogenarian!

I also wrote an open letter to President Obama. Neither men have ever responded to me, although I take every opportunity to try to explain my situation to them and the world. The ban on women driving has caused me to lose my employment because I am a female, despite the fact gender discrimination is illegal in the USA.

Why would King Abdullah listen to me if he can’t hear the cries of his own daughters for freedom?

Inshallah..By GOD!!…these four women will be released to live  full, abundant and beautiful lives. This is your legacy King Abdullah. This is how the world will write your history. Let your daughters write their own futures as you would and do your sons.

I drove for 6 weeks in the United States for your son, Khaled’s wife, Princess Noura. I know goodness and sweetness from Saudi Royalty because of her. When I am feeling bad about a story I read or an injustice, I think of her smile and kindness in her eyes. I remember being handed a gold guinea from her mother, your FULL sister, Princess Sita,( rest in peace.) I sat at tables with your family and felt warmth and goodness from them.  Your daughters Jawaher, Sahar, Maha, and Hala are not removed from this goodness.

I know what it feels like to be ignored and marginalized! I will do everything I can to help even if it just tweeting ,blogging and posting on Facebook until a proper outcome is reached.

The Embassy responded about the #FREETHE4 saying “This is a private matter”

Human rights abuses and civil rights abuses are not private matters.

King Abdullah is revered in his country as a ‘reformer’. His “private” actions regarding these four beautiful women lead me to believe I have been wrong about his character and intentions for true reform. The only thing that will change my mind now is to know these women are free to live the rest of their lives with dignity and freedom. This story has affected me very much and I will remain in contact and in solidarity with this family.
King Abdullah, your legacy is now rested in the fate of your four beautiful daughters.

Sahar, one of the daughters, is in contact with me via Twitter.



and their mother’s Twitter account is


Sahar’s messages are very strong and they are holding strong in their unity. I send solidarity to their mother, Alanoud Alfayez in London and to each sister!
Hala (39) and Maha(41) are apparently being held in another compound incommunicado. It is now up to the it is up to the the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene if what I read is correct.

OHCHR!!! Please let them be free to live a decent life.
My Saudi Sisters in Solidarity!!
Stay Vigilant Stay Strong!


-Gretchen Cooper-


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