Saudi Arabia: Free the 4

Free The 4! Daughters of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Lorena Brownlee

In Saudi Arabia, women have suffered greatly under the male guardianship system, making decisions including those affecting their personal medical care require the permission of their male guardian. Depending on the guardian, women could also require permission for marriage and divorce, travel, education, employment and opening a bank account. Women have been imprisoned to this system including the physical locking of women away in houses simply at the request and demand of the male guardian. A system claiming to be designed for the protection of women has served to strip women of any rights in Saudi Arabia and imprison them to not only their country but to male guardians who do not always carry their best interest but rather their own. Driving a car in Saudi Arabia for a women remains illegal as this would be a great sign of independence.

Princesses Sahar, Jawaher, Hala and Maha daughter’s of the…

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