Juice It Forward with Open Source Organics!

I love this idea in practice! Check them out on Facebook and consider a donation to help OSO give away at least one juice per day. Giving health one juice at a time~!


I am asking for $5 donations!

I am asking for $5 donations!

Super-Rah internet reality show with MsSuper-Rah, Kiwi and Baby Field Greens document their adventures in Austin, Minnesota this summer. Once we have secured enough funds to move..we are headed to Austin, Texas to team up with Erin Byrne. Erin is a singer/songwriter with RAW TALENT and a raspy voice you will never forget.
Our show will highlight children, music, outdoor activities, gardening and attending Farmer’s markets!

Help make Super-Rah an internet reality show for education, fun and help Gretchen provide for her family without public assistance.
Thank you!

Go Fund Me!

Go Fund Me!

We need your help launching our internet reality show based around my family and my RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE! It is not 100%, but I do not consume cooked food at this point. I am 4 months into eating RAW on a limited budget. I need your help to take it to the next level!
My two daughters and I will entertain you as we navigate our way through the RAW FOOD WORLD!
Click on my salad to read our story and donate!!
Help us make this show a reality xxx

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Writing for Purpose…Giving to Charity

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A few months ago, I wrote a short “booklet” in ebook form in which I donated to my favorite non profit. It was the best feeling in the world to hand it over and let them use it as a fundraiser, or however they see fit.

Since then, I have developed a strong urge to continue to write for charity. I think it’s such a cool way for writers to contribute to a cause…hence the saying I love to use..Drop by drop we fill the pot!

I think it is awesome that writers can link their stories with something very close and personal to their hearts, which makes the giving so meaningful and important.

I was recently followed on Twitter by a fellow Minnesotan author Jenna -Lynne Duncan. I have not yet read her novel Hurricane, but on her Twitter page it says she donates a % of sales to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. How awesome is that?



Thanks for the follow Jenna….Best of luck to you in your future endeavors…Drop by drop YOU continue to fill the pot!!!!!! HooRaY

Long Walk to Water (Book Review)

Construction of a New Well

Image by Water for South Sudan via Flickr

I loved reading this book written by Linda Sue Park. It is written in a very simple form. It is a perfect read for young readers. I devoured this book in around an hour, so it would be a great book to take on a trip, or flight. If you are a teacher  young students, it is perfect for class discussions about survival, and humanitarian philanthropy.

I had previous background knowledge of the main character( Mr. Salva Dut of South Sudan). I wanted to read this book because I was so touched by his non-profit mission through www.waterforsouthsudan.org .

 A Long Walk to Water is based on his true life experiences in the civil war era of his native land. His personal story is inspiring and heartfelt. The story of a young girl who must search for water everyday to survive is also tied in to Salva’s story. The two stories, although spanned decades apart, come together under one basic need for survival. Water.

Salva’s story has taught me that selfless service to humanity is attainable, worthwhile, and the greatest gift we can give. He presents himself in such a humble and gentle way. I am so grateful to have found his story. It continues to touch my heart and change my life.

 His vision, definate chief aim, and moral responsibility make him a quiet hero in my view. His story is filled with of trauma, hardship, and unwavering faith. His future story continues to live in the hopes and dreams of all the lives he touches daily with his work and words.

Please check out the website. I am sure you will be touched and inspired to contribute to such a great cause. www.waterforsouthsudan.org

Thank you Salva and Water for South Sudan

Philanthropy Right Under My Nose

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I live in Rochester, MN. I live very close to the downtown area, which means I can easily walk a few blocks and be submerged in Mayo Clinic history and the future of medicine and science. As I was looking up at the Gonda building, I became ashamed. I didn’t know who  was behind the gift of this magnificent structure, or what inspired these people to donate so generously to the welfare of humanity as a whole.

These people who donate to the institutions for medical research and education are the most forward thinking of our kind, yet go almost unnoticed by people such as myself. It brings me to shame that I know what Snooki was up to last weekend, but unaware of the greatest advances in medical care going on right under my nose.

I walk in front of the greatest gifts to humanity almost daily, yet totally unaware of  the people behind the gifts of kindness and generosity. I researched the Gonda name and found many interesting facts about the couple/family that donated in kind to the Mayo Clinic, as well as many others around the country.

This one trip downtown, which shamed and humbled me, has offered me an opportunity to become aware of the greatest gifts given to us all. I hope you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with their names and the work they  committed to by donating to medical research and treatment facilities.

Please research philanthropy your own area. I’d love to hear about the stories , great and small. Drop by drop we fill the pot( that is the name of my blog  after all!!)

Last year, the largest donation given to the Mayo Clinic by a living donor was received and will be used to fund a new proton beam therapy center for the treatment of specific cancers. http://www.kttc.com/Global/story.asp?S=13966287.

Another recent donation in the amount of $10 million was given to Mayo Clinic for research in reconstructive transplant surgeries. http://www.kttc.com/story/15253866/childhood-friend-donates-10-million-to-mayo-clinic

My favorite Mayo Clinic philanthropic story is about a woman named Barabara Woodward Lipps.  Her entire estate was donated to the Clinic at the time of her death. It was the largest donation ever received. She has the patient education resource center located in the Sieben’s building named in her honor, an atrium named in her honor, in which there are always fresh flowers  because of her wishes, and her financial contribution to the betterment of humanity.

I could go on and on for days about the contributions brought into my community from around the world. The point is..One trip downtown changed my own personal vision. There are things more important going on in the world right now that are going very much unnoticed. It is sad to me to know only a few days ago I knew what Kim K was wearing, but I didn’t know that proton beam therapy existed (much less that it was coming to my hometown!!).

It is time for me personally to turn off my T.V. and get busy understanding what is important in life. I am tired of being force fed what someone else thinks is important for me to know. I wonder how many other people have felt the same, (but like me) did nothing about it???

I honestly believe I will still be on the planet when a cure for cancer is discovered. It is my hope our children will not understand cancer in the way I do not understand goiter, tuberculosis, rickets, measles, mumps, rubella,polio, ect…. non existent, or in the least easily treatable and preventable.

We really need to look at  medical history to understand how far we have come in medicine, technology, and science in the last 50 years.  We are  progressing to a new age of understanding and medical treatments. It really IS a great time to be alive!!!

“There will always be doctors because they are necessary.  There will always be those who will accept the calling, for that is what it is.  The problems are many and they will grow, but they will be solved because they must be.” -quote  by Dr. Charles William Mayo (Dr.Chuck)