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Water for South Sudan Ebook by Gretchen



I wrote an ebook dedicated to Water for South Sudan, Inc. in hopes of raising money to help Salva Dut’s teams drill for water. I have given over 100 FREE downloads from Smashwords, since publishing it. I am set to donate my book proceeds, but since I have not had any hard sales, I am pulling the ebook for editing.

Thanks everyone who downloaded my first ebook. It makes me feel special!! I will leave it up for FREE until March 7th.

My friend, Danielle Betts, told me about Salva’s story and the WFSS non profit. I was grateful she shared his story with me. I was touched deeply by Salva’s story of living the life of a “Lost Boy” of Sudan to becoming a local and international hero.

I dedicated my 1st ebook to Salva Dut. It is a goal for me to one day visit South Sudan and assist a team in drilling for water. It would be a beautiful goal realized. My ebook is titled Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot, an Ebook by G.E. Cooper

I highly recommend reading ‘A Long Walk to Water’ by Linda Sue Park. Her book is excellent and is highly acclaimed for young readers. It is the story of Salva’s life while he was a boy struggling to stay alive to becoming a leader with a true smile.
Happy reading!
Happy Drilling!
-Gretchen Cooper-
G.E. Cooper

Rise Up and Glow!

Rise Up and Glow!

Our new website domain name RISE UP AND comes from Gareth Icke’s song Gareth Icke ‘Beat Up’ 😀

RISE UP AND GLOW ❤ is the chorus in the song and inspired me to name our website after it!
THANK YOU GARETH! Maybe someday we can watch the band perform it LIVE! That would be super sweet!

Our upcoming website and show will document the transformations we are experiencing and creating as family of three. I am currently eating predominately raw food and have been thriving for five months since giving up cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol.( Big thank to Joe Bill Schirtzinger for helping me bring these changes in with the least amount of pain and suffering :D)

I began moving my body after 20 years of inactivity and found out it feels great to be able to breathe and move again! I got' BEAT UP' and now I have 'Cleaned Up' so I can 'Rise Up and Glow'!

We currently receive SNAP food benefits and it is my goal to be self sufficient and grow over 50% of our daily produce. I see my children reaching more for raw foods and this makes me very happy as a mom. I don't have to bribe or beg my kids to try something new or drink green juice.
I am asking for small donations of $5 or more to help supplement our produce costs until we can generate income from our site and from self employment.

It is in the works for me to become a grower and vendor at the Austin Farmer' Market in Minnesota! I am excited to do this! I need to come up with $80 for a vendor application fee in the coming weeks!
If you would like to support us in helping make this a reality, please contact me! Gretchen Cooper
We are preparing for a splendid spring with a lot to learn and lots grow. We invite you to RISE UP AND GLOW with us!
Lots of love >@studiocoupe <<My twitter handle

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I am asking for $5 donations!

I am asking for $5 donations!

Super-Rah internet reality show with MsSuper-Rah, Kiwi and Baby Field Greens document their adventures in Austin, Minnesota this summer. Once we have secured enough funds to move..we are headed to Austin, Texas to team up with Erin Byrne. Erin is a singer/songwriter with RAW TALENT and a raspy voice you will never forget.
Our show will highlight children, music, outdoor activities, gardening and attending Farmer’s markets!

Help make Super-Rah an internet reality show for education, fun and help Gretchen provide for her family without public assistance.
Thank you!

Go Fund Me!

Go Fund Me!

We need your help launching our internet reality show based around my family and my RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE! It is not 100%, but I do not consume cooked food at this point. I am 4 months into eating RAW on a limited budget. I need your help to take it to the next level!
My two daughters and I will entertain you as we navigate our way through the RAW FOOD WORLD!
Click on my salad to read our story and donate!!
Help us make this show a reality xxx

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