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The “LUCK” Factor

Did you ever wonder why some people are so LUCKY? Things just seem to go their way. In general these people are happy and maintain a positive attitude. There lies part of the key to “luck”.  They have learned to control their thoughts! There is a universal law called the Law of Attraction and it works for everybody.

Basically this law says that, “whatever thoughts you hold in your conscious mind on a consistent basis, you will attract into your life”. So, while most people are harboring and thinking negative thoughts about themselves, and their future, they are actually setting in motion a chain reaction of events to make this happen!  They act as a negative human electromagnet.  You can, at any moment change your thinking to positive and immediately become a positive electromagnet and begin attracting the things you do want into your life. Instead of the things you don’t want.  One of the best ways to break the negative thought habit is to set a goal for yourself. Really take some time and determine something you truly desire from life. Perhaps a good job, a better job, improved health, energy, relationship, etc. Write it down clearly along with what you are willing to give in return for it and THINK ABOUT that goal  every single day! Think about it in the morning before you get out of bed, in the afternoon after lunch and in the evening before you go to sleep. Do this mental exercise and think about your goal three times per day. Mentally focus on your goal and what you will give in return for it, (such as provide your skill or services). Remember there is no such rule as something for nothing. You must provide something in return for your goal, not just day dream about it.

If you do this as described, you are performing superconscious thought induction. You are setting in motion a positive chain reaction. Some “lucky” things will begin to happen to you. For one, you will start to feel better mentally and physically. You will also start to come up with ideas and plans on how to accomplish your goal, write these down! You will start to see and hear opportunities around you that will lead you to rapid goal achievement. You must act on these opportunities and not be afraid to pounce when they present themselves. A person not known by you at the time you set the goal may also be attracted into your life. This person can help you or provide needed  information for your goal. You may also one day find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Most people are aimless drifters with no real, strongly desired, goals. This is why they cannot use superconscious power to their advantage. The moment you decide to take charge of your life by focusing and controlling your positive daily thoughts, you will become a positive human electromagnet. Be alert to what happens to you from that moment on.

So, one last question: Do you feel Lucky?

Michael Monroe Kiefer Ph.D.


Author of: The Powermind System-Power of Will and Superconscious Power-The Science of Attracting Health, Wealth and Wisdom and on LinkedIn